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since 23 Nov. 2005
Welcome to Family Direct
Written by Poppell, Bracy   
Tuesday, 22 November 2005

If you are a member of one of the following families and know you are closely/directly related to the others, but do not have a user ID to access this site, then please contact the webmaster and tell us who you are.  We'll give you access to the site so you too, can get in touch with our family (both immediate and extended).  You'll be able to share all kinds of information of your own choosing, (photos, stories, jokes, etc.).

Here is the list of families:

  • Adams
  • Boring
  • Corley
  • Dickman
  • Dimpter
  • Dransfield
  • Futch
  • Greene
  • Hancock
  • Holstein
  • Maoury
  • Poppell
  • Propst
  • Sanders
  • Tew

Please note that this is a personal website available only to members of the above families.  We are sorry, but simply having the same last name will not be enough to gain access to this website.  You must be related to this family.  An exception may be made for certain close friends of the family.  So please, if you are a close friend of the family, then feel free to contact the webmaster.






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